Our last swimming class Abigail did 3 years, Toby did 10 weeks. In that time, Abigail achieved just 2 awards, Toby achieved nothing & wasn’t even assessed until 7 or 8 weeks in… so we finally moved to Salamanda. Just 6 weeks in and Toby has achieved his 1st ever award & Abigail got a star award for jumping in (something she has always been so scared of doing, to the point she had been in tears many times at her old class).Just look at these faces now! They adore their new classes… their teachers are so good & the progress they’re making is phenomenal. It’s wonderful to see, & Abigail’s confidence especially is growing in a way I have never seen in the water before. Massive credit to everyone, well done Salamanda. Mega happy little fishes today, & happy fishes means happy parents!
Sarah Day
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