These swimming ponchos are perfect for arriving and departing from the the pool, as the weather gets a bit colder     these can be layered up with tracksuit / jogging bottoms, pj bottoms and an over coat … quick & so simple .

Quick pair of crocs on the feet or slip on shoes make it a very quick exit from the pool.





Amanda is wearing an adult swim onzie , perfect for whipping off to get into the pool and ideal again to pop on over her damp costume, with a simple pair of slip on sandals.


Amanda travels home from the pool damp and sat on a bin bag which is kept on her swimming bag.

Send us your photos of your Salamanda Fishy ‘Beach Ready’ to swim.

Another top tip, if your child wears goggles or a swimming cap take this time while we’re closed to practice with them putting goggles on, sadly we’re not able to assist the children with this anymore but there loads of time to practice at home.

Not long now folks!

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