Olivia is really enjoying her swimming at Central Baths with WSC and has settled in so well and made many new friends, she bounces in to training on a Monday and Wednesday and thoroughly enjoys it despite finding it tiring which is to be expected.

I am so very impressed with how professional the setup is and how well lessons progress forming the stroke correctly she really enjoyed the diving this week and I thought your class last week on breaststroke was excellent and Olivia has really come on improving her techniques.

Appreciate your mentoring during their transitional move to WSC from Salamanda.

Russell & Kerry Tanner

Lottie is LOVING Wolverhampton Swim Club and is making great progress. Salamanda you were such a fabulous stepping stone, as you carefully nurtured her love of swimming for over 6 years. It’s her passion now, above all other hobbies. Thank you.


Nathan first session at SALAMANDA SWIMMING ACADEMY today.

Was fabulous would recommend to all. Having previously used authority swimming school, Amanda and her team go above and beyond.

These are structured lessons with small groups where children are the focus at all times. Can see progress from first session.

Emily Williams

Cant thank everyone at salamanda enough, even though she still gets upset each week, as soon as shes in the pool shes fine, couldnt believe how well shes progressed after seeing her at viewing this week! So proud of her ❤️

Maisie Storm Taylor

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent lessons you provide.I took the boys swimming yesterday and before we went, Louis assured me that he could now swim without his belt. Part way through our swim he asked if I would take it off. Unsure – we took his belt off and to my surprise, he was right and he swam without his belt on his front and back.He was so happy 🐟Louis started his swim journey with Salamanda in September at the age of 4. Most weeks I get a tap on the shoulder where he is actually enjoying himself a little too much but Kate and the team are fantastic with him (and me) and he looks forward to coming each week.I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team for what you do, we have one very happy little boy and two very proud parents.He can’t wait to show you.

Kelly Woods

A huge thank you to your team at Crestwood in particular Lucy!

I asked today about how to support my daughter swimming outside of lessons.

Your team took time to watch her, look at what skills they were doing and then Lucy gave me practical advice to do when we go. Salamanda’s is a fantastic swimming school and our family really appreciate the effort you all go to!

Helen Towers

Firstly I want to say that I really appreciate the opportunity to watch Finley from the Poolside and very much enjoyed watching him on Saturday just gone.

Secondly I wanted to pass on my thanks to Salamanda and especially to Leah who has been Fin’s 1:1 coach at Colton Hills for some time now. Fin, as you know has Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility and sensory processing disorder so he finds things like co-ordination, concentrating and stamina incredibly difficult. His OT informs me that he has to work 10x harder than his peers. I’ve not seen him swim for quite a while now but I was massively impressed with how much he has progressed under Leah’s tuition. She has a lovely balance of fun and firmness and he responds really well to her. He has improved with stamina, co-ordination, technique and control. He concentrated well and was really calm.

I couldn’t be prouder of how well he is doing and that is largely thanks to Leah as well as Fin’s hard work.

I did tell her this on poolside on Saturday but would be really grateful if you could pass on our feedback and thanks to her.

Jo & Andy

We had a ‘viewing week’ on Saturday at CH. I was absolutely blown away by the progress Grace has made – particularly on her back stroke.

Leah is clearly doing an amazing job and I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the whole team.

Great job – thank you. Grace LOVES swimming on a Saturday with Leah.

Sarah Kitchen

Hi, just want to say a massive thank you to you all, I sat there and watched a wonderful team working with our little ones to get the best out of each of them, all members of staff were working so hard, they made sure they gave all the children the encouragement and support they needed, they praised them and made them feel special, I was so impressed.

My daughter has physical needs but every member of the team who work with her know  and support her when needed. Thank you for making swimming enjoyable for her as it was one of her biggest struggles and fears not that long back. Thank you x


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and your team are doing. I was recommended to you by a friend but after the first session where all my daughter did was cry so I was a little unsure.

Since then she has absolutely thrived with Amy, and her confidence has grown and her love for swimming has grown too so Thank you!

I also wanted to say thank you for everything you are doing to keep everyone safe, the cleaning, masks and especially the small class sizes. Again thank you.


Just want to say a massive thank you to you and your staff over the years with Cameron and Dylan and Deb has been amazing with Dylan, worth every penny to see him now enjoy swimming.

We went to Cardiff over the six weeks to stay with one of my friends and we went to the international, down the slides , water sprays and he loved it and a shower with getting his hair wet

Jayne Cooper

I didn’t manage to get video as I was in the sea with her at the time but Lainey swam in the sea yesterday with no aids. She just did it out of nowhere and I am so proud.

She is still on 5 blocks in class as she’s not been having lessons very long so I just expected her to stand in the sea and maybe jump some waves. I have to stay Lainey’s swim teacher Alicia is brilliant and has built her confidence in the water.

Lainey absolutely loves and trusts her so thank you for having such wonderful teachers.


Ben has been swimming now at Smestow for 6/7 weeks or so and I have watched every lesson. Your organisation is slick and well drilled and your staff from the lady who does the register, to the poolside coordinator and the swimming teachers are all fab.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been as well as to mention Ellie one of the girls who takes the first group that Ben is in on a Sunday morning. She is so positive with the children, appears to have endless energy and enthusiasm.

She is a pleasure to watch. A great role model to young children.

Jodie Elizabeth

We would like to say a big thank you for your support with willows swimming especially to the girls on a Saturday morning.

We went swimming today and I was so proud of how confident willow has become In the water. She had no swim aids on and was desperately trying to swim independently without fear.

She was jumping in and putting her face in and dunking her head underwater. She even went under a few times but didn’t care! Thank you so much for building her confidence and delivering fun lessons!

Jillian Nicholls

Can I give a big shoutout to Amanda and her team!Archie is 6 years old and is a thunderclap of enthusiasm! He absolutely loves the water and is keen to learn to swim, however he does lack focus from time to time and just wants to do his thing.

This became a bit of a worry for us as he is totally fearless and on numerous lessons he would just jump in the pool before others entered or would be swimming off when he should have been holding onto the side safely. He needed to be taught water safety and quickly! Amanda advised some 1:1 lessons to achieve this understanding and WOW was she right! In just 4 weeks Archie has developed his understanding of water safety….knowing the importance of standing by the wall until it’s safe to enter the water, on entry to the water he then holds onto the side.

He has been taught to tread water and has called for a lifeguard to help. He can now recover when in difficulty on his back to the side of the pool too. I can’t thank Sara enough for his 1:1 lessons at Colton Hills. You really question him throughout his lessons and ensure he understands. I love hearing after each lesson what he’s been working on each week (Perk to 1:1’s) and what he will be working on next week.

When Archie develops his stubborn streak you work with him and ask if the other ear is listening. For anyone who has thought about 1:1’s but is unsure believe me they are amazing! If it’s been advised to you even if just for a short time grab it with both hands! I know I made 100% the right decision for Archie. They are worth every penny!!

Kimberley Wood

My son and I learnt the real value of learning to swim this morning. He was assaulted and pushed into the canal by some thug while walking to school!

Doesn’t bear thinking about what could of happened if he hadnt learnt how to swim as he had to tread water before his friends came to help him. The matter is now with the police.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the salamander team for making him water confident and teaching him to swim. It could of been a very different story.

Lydia Nicholls

Our son (5 yrs old) has been attending swimming lessons run by Salamanda for nearly a year and a half. As we expected, it was a teary start for him but I need not have worried as the instructors were very reassuring. They gave him 1-2-1 support and worked at his pace to build his water confidence.

Our son has additional needs and Salamanda have been very understanding, inclusive and meet his needs to ensure he progresses and is happy. In addition, the classes are small with good staff ratios. Enthusiastic instructors are in the pool throughout the lessons with the children.

The instructors are skilled and keep sessions pacey and fun with lots of games to introduce the children to new skills.
More than anything, we are just so pleased the staff are approachable, friendly and professional. We have always felt we can speak to them about our son’s needs and they respond to meet them. Now, he is always happy to go to his lesson and loves it, he’s progressing well too. What more can you ask for.

Thank you, Amy & Oli

Amy & Oli

Dear Salamanda, I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with the excellent service delivered by you regarding my 3 boys swimming lessons.

Adam at only 5 has started to develop an outstanding stroke technique thanks to the amazing support from your teachers in and out of the water.

Cameron and Dylan who came to you in armbands, are now doing incredible swimming for Wombourne club and making it through to County level competitions. Once again, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the invaluable work you do and can’t wait until my little girl is old enough to start.

Yours sincerely, Cath Rehman and the boys.

Cath Rehman & The Boys

From the moment our children started at Salamanda, they flourished. We’d been going to another swim school and were disappointed with the atmosphere and attitude of the staff. Salamanda was like a breath of fresh air and we knew straight away we were in safe hands.

Both Jack and Amy loved their lessons from day 1. I think straight away the first thing I noticed as a parent on poolside, was the happy, thriving atmosphere – the classes are full of smiling staff and children, positive messages, challenge and success and giggles and laughter.

Lessons are varied, pacey and the children get a lot of time actually swimming, not just hearing instruction. The great ratio of staff to children pleased us, and we loved the fact that the staff are actually in the water with them, helping, encouraging and keeping them so safe and nurtured. Both our children have amazed us with their confidence in the water; the way they have gained skills and knowledge and their progress through badges and groups.

There’s no “wait til next term” – the children are constantly observed and if they need a little boost, they get it. If they’re ready to move on, they do. Perfect, just how it should be.

This is not simply swimming- this is Salamanda swimming, and I recommend them most highly to any parent. Best decision we ever made. Thank you to Sally and Amanda.

Alison Brasier-Creagh, mum to Jack (10) and Amy (7).

Alison Braisier-Creagh

Both my boys have been taught how to swim by Salamanda. My eldest initially joined the lessons at the local leisure centre and quickly developed bad habits that were not addressed. Unhappy with his development, I moved him to a Salamanda class and his technique improved instantly.

It took a while to lose the bad habits but now he swims beautifully. When my youngest was old enough, I had no hesitation in enrolling him into Salamanda. He is still quite young but has the confidence and the ability of someone much older. He has flown through the levels due to being taught correctly and monitored closely from the start.

For committed tuition from actual swimmers, I would highly recommend Salamanda. They care about their students and it shows!



My daughters joined Salamanda in 2011 not long after it had been established. They had tried several swim schools but never progressed or enjoyed their lessons. When we joined Salamanda neither of them could swim a width and my youngest daughter was very nervous of water and always cried with fear during lessons.

Within weeks of starting they were swimming unaided, earning badges and more importantly were full of confidence and actually loving their lessons.

We initially joined Salamanda to get the girls swimming to a level that allowed them to be safe in water but the enthusiasm of everyone involved in Salamanda soon rubbed off on them and it became apparent that they were more serious about their swimming than we ever imagined.

The girls are both now at swimming club, loving competitive swimming and going from strength to strength. This is all thanks to the skills, technique and passion for swimming they they have developed at their time with Salamanda.
We have left Salamanda with a heavy heart as they have been so significant in helping the girls achieve what has become their passion.

Thank you Sally and Amanda and all the team at Salamanda. Your dedication, support and enthusiasm is amazing, I can’t recommend Salamanda enough!!

Helen, Maddy & Olivia

Helen, Maddy & Olivia

Dear Salamanda!

Just a quick note to express our thanks at the transformation that has taken place since Imogen started with your swimming academy. Where has the crying, clingy, nervous little girl gone? (any parents of new recruits, don’t be embarrassed at your child’s screaming and shouting, they will soon be put at ease!) Her confidence is sky high, and she proudly shows off all her badges that her grandma has to regularly sew onto her towel. A big thanks to you and all your staff for the personal attention they give to Imogen, and each and every child in their respective group, regardless of talent (Or temperament!)

Every child needs to swim, and having a facility like yours makes what could be a chore into a pleasure to watch. Looking forward to take Connie when she is old enough to attend.

Kind Regards,
Simon Lowry

Simon Lowry

Salamanda Swim School are our biggest feeder of good quality young swimmers eager to make the next step to competitive swimming.

It makes progression much quicker if good fundamental stroke technique and skill is instilled at a young age. I thoroughly recommend Salamanda to anyone who asks for a great place to learn to swim.

I trusted them with my children, one of which has now joined the club.

Dave Painter – Head Coach Wombourne SC

Dave Painter

Our two children started swimming at The Salamanda Swimming Academy at the ages of 5 and 3. They have been taught by several members of staff throughout the past 5 years including Sally and Amanda.

All staff are highly skilled teachers who are approachable and professional.. The swimming lessons have been fun, good exercise and have developed all four strokes equally.

The children are both now members of Wombourne Swimming club and are about to swim in their first gala. Sally and Amanda are still very much part of our lives and still have a huge impact when it comes to their swimming.

As a family, we cannot recommend Salamanda enough and we would like to thank them for their help.

Lynda and Nick Grundy

Lynda & Nick Grundy

Frequently Asked Questions

We take children from the age of 4 years old.

No, our classes are small and our teachers teach in the water.

We recommend a one piece swimsuit for girls, and swimming trunks for boys. Our pools are a nice temperature but some children like to wear an additional layer so we suggest a rash vest.

We prefer children starting lessons for the first time not to wear goggles because it’s an important aquatic skill to learn how to deal with water on their faces. Those children that can swim and are being taught technique we do recommend goggles be worn.

Our courses run in blocks of 9 weeks of lessons, enrolment takes place on week 7.  The office send an email on week 6 of the course and it also posted on Facebook & Instagram.

Yes, we are affiliated to Swim England. We also operate our own badge scheme. 

Every child has their own record card, which is completed by their swimming teacher. Children progress through the stations based on their individual ability.

Our lessons take place during February and October half term holidays. There are no lessons during Christmas, Easter and the main summer holidays.