Kimberley Wood

Can I give a big shoutout to Amanda and her team!Archie is 6 years old and is a thunderclap of enthusiasm! He absolutely loves the water and is keen to learn to swim, however he does lack focus from time to time and just wants to do his thing.

This became a bit of a worry for us as he is totally fearless and on numerous lessons he would just jump in the pool before others entered or would be swimming off when he should have been holding onto the side safely. He needed to be taught water safety and quickly! Amanda advised some 1:1 lessons to achieve this understanding and WOW was she right! In just 4 weeks Archie has developed his understanding of water safety….knowing the importance of standing by the wall until it’s safe to enter the water, on entry to the water he then holds onto the side.

He has been taught to tread water and has called for a lifeguard to help. He can now recover when in difficulty on his back to the side of the pool too. I can’t thank Sara enough for his 1:1 lessons at Colton Hills. You really question him throughout his lessons and ensure he understands. I love hearing after each lesson what he’s been working on each week (Perk to 1:1’s) and what he will be working on next week.

When Archie develops his stubborn streak you work with him and ask if the other ear is listening. For anyone who has thought about 1:1’s but is unsure believe me they are amazing! If it’s been advised to you even if just for a short time grab it with both hands! I know I made 100% the right decision for Archie. They are worth every penny!!

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