Helen, Maddy & Olivia

My daughters joined Salamanda in 2011 not long after it had been established. They had tried several swim schools but never progressed or enjoyed their lessons. When we joined Salamanda neither of them could swim a width and my youngest daughter was very nervous of water and always cried with fear during lessons.

Within weeks of starting they were swimming unaided, earning badges and more importantly were full of confidence and actually loving their lessons.

We initially joined Salamanda to get the girls swimming to a level that allowed them to be safe in water but the enthusiasm of everyone involved in Salamanda soon rubbed off on them and it became apparent that they were more serious about their swimming than we ever imagined.

The girls are both now at swimming club, loving competitive swimming and going from strength to strength. This is all thanks to the skills, technique and passion for swimming they they have developed at their time with Salamanda.
We have left Salamanda with a heavy heart as they have been so significant in helping the girls achieve what has become their passion.

Thank you Sally and Amanda and all the team at Salamanda. Your dedication, support and enthusiasm is amazing, I can’t recommend Salamanda enough!!

Helen, Maddy & Olivia

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