Alison Braisier-Creagh

From the moment our children started at Salamanda, they flourished. We’d been going to another swim school and were disappointed with the atmosphere and attitude of the staff. Salamanda was like a breath of fresh air and we knew straight away we were in safe hands.

Both Jack and Amy loved their lessons from day 1. I think straight away the first thing I noticed as a parent on poolside, was the happy, thriving atmosphere – the classes are full of smiling staff and children, positive messages, challenge and success and giggles and laughter.

Lessons are varied, pacey and the children get a lot of time actually swimming, not just hearing instruction. The great ratio of staff to children pleased us, and we loved the fact that the staff are actually in the water with them, helping, encouraging and keeping them so safe and nurtured. Both our children have amazed us with their confidence in the water; the way they have gained skills and knowledge and their progress through badges and groups.

There’s no “wait til next term” – the children are constantly observed and if they need a little boost, they get it. If they’re ready to move on, they do. Perfect, just how it should be.

This is not simply swimming- this is Salamanda swimming, and I recommend them most highly to any parent. Best decision we ever made. Thank you to Sally and Amanda.

Alison Brasier-Creagh, mum to Jack (10) and Amy (7).

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