Jo & Andy

Firstly I want to say that I really appreciate the opportunity to watch Finley from the Poolside and very much enjoyed watching him on Saturday just gone.

Secondly I wanted to pass on my thanks to Salamanda and especially to Leah who has been Fin’s 1:1 coach at Colton Hills for some time now. Fin, as you know has Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility and sensory processing disorder so he finds things like co-ordination, concentrating and stamina incredibly difficult. His OT informs me that he has to work 10x harder than his peers. I’ve not seen him swim for quite a while now but I was massively impressed with how much he has progressed under Leah’s tuition. She has a lovely balance of fun and firmness and he responds really well to her. He has improved with stamina, co-ordination, technique and control. He concentrated well and was really calm.

I couldn’t be prouder of how well he is doing and that is largely thanks to Leah as well as Fin’s hard work.

I did tell her this on poolside on Saturday but would be really grateful if you could pass on our feedback and thanks to her.

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