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Swimming Classes for Kids 3-7 years
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Swimming Classes for Kids 8-12 years
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Junior Swimming Classes 13-18 years
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Adult Beginner Swimming Lessons
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Adult Intermediate Swimming Lessons
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Meet the Team

Amanda Dunning
Owner, Teacher & Coach
Sally Credali
Owner, Teacher & Coach
Henry Smith
Safe Guard
Melissa Hunter
Swimming Instructor

What Our Customers Say

Our two children started swimming at The Salamanda Swimming Academy at the ages of 5 and 3. They have been taught by several members of staff throughout the past 5 years including Sally and Amanda.

All staff are highly skilled teachers who are approachable and professional.. The swimming lessons have been fun, good exercise and have developed all four strokes equally.

The children are both now members of Wombourne Swimming club and are about to swim in their first gala. Sally and Amanda are still very much part of our lives and still have a huge impact when it comes to their swimming.

As a family, we cannot recommend Salamanda enough and we would like to thank them for their help.

Lynda and Nick Grundy

Lynda & Nick Grundy

Salamanda Swim School are our biggest feeder of good quality young swimmers eager to make the next step to competitive swimming.

It makes progression much quicker if good fundamental stroke technique and skill is instilled at a young age. I thoroughly recommend Salamanda to anyone who asks for a great place to learn to swim.

I trusted them with my children, one of which has now joined the club.

Dave Painter – Head Coach Wombourne SC

Dave Painter

Dear Salamanda!

Just a quick note to express our thanks at the transformation that has taken place since Imogen started with your swimming academy. Where has the crying, clingy, nervous little girl gone? (any parents of new recruits, don’t be embarrassed at your child’s screaming and shouting, they will soon be put at ease!) Her confidence is sky high, and she proudly shows off all her badges that her grandma has to regularly sew onto her towel. A big thanks to you and all your staff for the personal attention they give to Imogen, and each and every child in their respective group, regardless of talent (Or temperament!)

Every child needs to swim, and having a facility like yours makes what could be a chore into a pleasure to watch. Looking forward to take Connie when she is old enough to attend.

Kind Regards,
Simon Lowry

Simon Lowry