About the Academy

We are mature mums who have children of our own, so appreciate and understand the needs of children entering the water for the first time and learning to swim, we are passionate, experienced swimming teachers and swimming coaches that still train and compete in Masters Swimming & Triathlons today. We understand the importance of learning the correct basics of swimming from day one whilst ensuring it is an enjoyable experience for every child.

We are both heavily involved in the day to day running of Wolverhampton Swimming Club as well as being part of the clubs respected coaching team.

Salamanda Swimming Academy came to be because in the early days too many children were going along to the swimming club for trials and regrettably just didn’t have the suitable technique, sadly children were turned away from the swimming club and were probably never seen again, this became a huge concern for us.

As ambassadors for the sport we were keen to somehow keep these kids in swimming, so between the two of us we came up with the idea of setting up Salmanda swimming academy where we could work with these children that needed to improve their technique, so that eventually those children would achieve the required standard and could then join the swimming club under our guidance and so Salmanda Swimming Academy was born back in May 2010

Today the Academy is a thriving swimming School, with an excellent reputation for developing young technically good swimmers that have gone onto join Wolverhampton Swimming Club.

**Swimming lessons are non refundable once the course commences. A request 
for a refund will be at the discretion of Sally and Amanda **
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