UPDATE on Lessons

Final details will be on our website & all social media & hopefully in your inboxes.

Each pool is slightly different so please refer to your own child’s day and location and don’t assume what friends email says relates to your swimming day and time {Smestow, Colton Hills, Crestwood)

Please note were unable TODAY  to reply to individual texts, queries or FB comments as once again this is a HUGE JOB TO COORDINATE.

Lessons will be frozen for the lockdown period and re-started as soon as the restrictions are lifted – dates will be on your individual emails.

We would still like Smestow parents to meet the enrolment deadline if you haven’t done so already, so that we can continue with administration ready for the new course if you are not intending to continue please email as we have people eager for spaces.

We have decided not to go in tomorrow Monday 2nd November because there is little benefit of one lesson to then be off for the lockdown.

Lessons will commence as soon as lockdown is lifted and will go up to and including 20th December.

We are keen to use the time in December to get parents and children used to the procedures Crestwood so that everyone is ready for January.

We’ve said it before and we reiterate it again, SWIMMING IS A LIFE SKILL and an absolute must for children ..

Thanks for your support ..

Check your emails & social media during the course of the day.

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