Update 1 – Lessons and Covid19 (09/06/2020)

We hope everybody has been keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times. Salamanda Swimming Academy has been closely following governing body updates for swimming lesson providers/operators Swim England, STA, RLSS and CIMSPA. They produce weekly guidelines and consideration for us to look at during this period of closure. We cannot report on when we might resume lessons until the government announces measures for resuming activities within the Leisure sector. We can inform you that swimming lessons at Salamanda will resume when possible, but not operate in their current format and will face significant changes.

We are currently uncertain of a return date (September earliest), the number of places we will be able to offer at each location (social distancing), the pricing structure and duration of a lesson, procedures to be adopted to safely operate lessons (changing rooms may be closed). These are just a few of the changes that might be communicated in the guideline documentations produced by Swim England for the government on 15/6/2020.

We will post updates going forward, when we receive the relevant guidance from our governing body and have formulated a workable plan. If you are happy to wait for lessons to return (new format/price) please continue to follow our social media accounts and website for these updates.

Should you require a Refund of your fees paid in advance for lessons not delivered, Email: salamanda.sa.refunds@gmail.com (child’s name, pool, day, timeslot) ONLINE REFUNDS please provide bank details and permission for us to use your bank details to make bank transfer. We will process your request ASAP and remove your details from our records and the child from the registers. Should you wish to apply for lessons in the future, please contact us via our social media platforms/website form. These details will be added to the waiting list.

Please continue follow our social media accounts and website for important updates.

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