Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all pupils attending swimming lessons organised by Salamanda Swimming Academy. Please ensure you read and have understand the following.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

By booking and attending lessons with Salamanda Swimming Academy, you accept these terms and conditions. You will ensure that you follow the pool rules set out at the end of these terms and conditions and any rules specific to a pool E.g. notices in changing rooms and poolside. We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.

  1. Places will not be considered as booked until we have received full payment for first course and full payment for courses thereafter.
  2. All communications of course dates and fees will be via sa.crestwoodpool@gmail.com and salamanda.sa.coltonhillspool@gmail.com
  3. New applicant will only be accepted on week 1 of 9-week block. There will be no new starters mid – course.
  4. All bookings are subject to a 12 month’s validity period active from point of booking.
  5. An applicant who withdraws from the course once it has commenced will forfeit the whole fee.
  6. Applicants can only change days or pools (subject to availability) once the current course they are attending has finished and will incur a £5.00 admin fee per swimmer payable before movement is completed
  7. One to one lesson’s are to be paid in advance of commencement of block booked. You will be advised via a text message/ call/ email prior to block being completed, of when next payment is due. Due to Covid restrictions we can-not offer one to one lesson to other swimmers if a cancellation is communicated with reasonable notice. Therefore, half the fee of the lesson will be forfeited to cover teacher costs. If cancellation is communicated on the day the whole fee will be forfeited. If the teacher is absent due to illness the fee will be held in credit and rolled over to next lesson.
  8. Lessons that are cancelled due to technical problems with the pool, adverse weather conditions or Covid 19 will be rolled over or re-arranged at a date to be determined as a suitable replacement.

Refund Policy

  1. If we determine that there is insufficient support for a lesson, if the pool facility is closed due to a breakdown in pool plant or there are elements outside of our control EG Covid 19 that means we need to close for a period of time, we will make every effort to find an alternative solution. No lesson will be lost in this instance. We shall give you as much notice as possible via our social media platforms of any such suspension/closure. We will only provide a refund of lesson or course of lessons if no suitable alternative session, venue on a like for like basis or facility remains closed and the lesson/course is not concluded within the 12 months validity period from date of suspension/closure.
  2. Refunds will only be agreed by Amanda/Sally on an individual basis via email. No covid refunds will de issued.
  3. Periodically we will review the pricing structure of our courses. Price increases will be communicated Via email.

Illness, Medical conditions & Health Declaration and Covid, Acceptance of Risk

We have had lots of questions about corona virus and what should we do if we have a case in the family. Please follow government guideline as per the link below. These guidelines include children and adults within a household that have had contact with somebody that has tested positive. We have all the information in our T&C’s.


A Health declaration for Covid must be completed and returned via email. You must declare to us all medical conditions regardless of severity so a suitable risk assessment can be issued. It is your responsibility to ensure that the swimmer is medically safe to swim and there are no symptoms of Covid with in the family unit. Salamanda must be informed immediately if the health declaration changes so that we can inform the school and put our Covid action plan in place.

Children sent home from school to self-isolate must NOT attend their swimming lesson for the same period they are off school. Parent/carers must NOT attend swimming if they are self-isolating.

 If there are any signs of stomach upset or sickness it should be a period of 14 days before a return to swimming.

On site

Applicants and those accompanying the applicant will abide by the Normal Operating Procedures (NOP) issued by Schools. A summary is shown below, and a full copy is available on request.

Safety – Covid 19

To have a ratio of 1 parent/carer: 1 swimmer unless a sibling is also having a swim lesson we will be unable to accommodate a sibling who is not swimming due to numbers allowed in the buildings at any one time.

To queue outside 2m apart outside entrance/ fire exit door as per instructions.

Arrive at time allocated to drop swimmer off beach ready EG swimming attire on under clothes.

At end of lesson tap down, change and layer up and leave the building as quickly as possible EG robes, flip flops, coat.

Colton Hills only – To sit and wait in designated area of changing rooms while lessons are in progress. On completion of lessons your child will be returned to you.

Crestwood only -Swimmers to feed in through pool entrance door and go to assigned group. Parents to wait in corridor. Your designated changing rooms can be used after lesson to get changed.

Parents/carers to secure all belts hats goggles prior to lesson.

Parent/carers can wait in car while lessons are in progress as changing facilities or communal areas might not be in use. Mobile numbers must be left with Parent liaison officer.

To read signage and follow social distancing when waiting to enter the building.

To always wear face mask and sanitise hands on entering the building and where specified remove outdoor footwear.

To be respectful of all other people in the building and to keep a 2-metre physical distance from others.

That good respiratory hygiene is maintained. If it is necessary to cough or sneeze, it should be done into a clean tissue which is safely discarded, or into their elbow.

Cars parked and personal belongings on site are at owner’s risk. Salamanda Swimming Academy accept no responsibility for any theft or damage of your property when on site.


Property that is left in the changing rooms and not placed in a locker is there at the owner’s risk. (Lockers may be out of use)

Eating before Swimming

The following guidance should be followed when eating before swimming.  After eating a light snack allow 1 to 2 hours before entering the water, after a meal allow 3 to 5 hours.

Long hair

Preferably a swimming cap should be worn but if this is not possible please ensure that the hair is tied back using a band or bobble.

Please do not use sharp clips or slides.


Loose fitting (surfer type) shorts and wetsuits are not appropriate for swimming lessons as they can inhibit some of the swimming activities.


All plasters should be removed before entering the water.


Jewellery should be taken off for swimming as can cause serious injury. Please remove all jewellery that might cause injury and cover what cannot be taken off.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms that are in use will be gender neutral, as there will be no time when a swimmer is fully undressed. Children will be allocated a space in the changing area that will be their space for the duration of any courses booked. Parents/carers will remain in this area for duration of lessons and Children will return to their space with the coordinator/teacher.

Colton Hills – In use for quick change 5-minute change (Robes/flip flops/coat/hat). No showers.

Crestwood – In use for quick change 5-minute change (Robes/flip flops/coat/hat). No showers.

Entering Poolside

All pools will have different procedures follow instruction given by Parent Liaison Officer or Coordinator.

Phones and mobile devices

Due to child protection issues no phones, mobile devices, cameras, or video equipment are permitted on the poolside or should be used in the changing rooms.


Swimmers wear goggles at their own risk.

Parents must be responsible for adjusting and ensuring that the goggles fit correctly so that they do not move around and damage the eye.


Wheelchair users and less abled bodied spectators will be accommodated according to PSOP.

Food and drink

No food or drink is to be taken on to the poolside and unfortunately this includes snacks, sweets, and drinks for spectators.

Swimmers in the higher stages who are swimming for an hour or more can bring water in a plastic container if required.


Please do not block fire exits.

In the event of the fire alarm sounding please make your way out of the pool using the nearest exit and wait on the fire assembly point at the top car park. Teachers will bring he swimmers out according to EAP.

Limitation of Liability

  1. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken by us to ensure security and safety at our swimming lessons, we shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage arising in any way from our swimming lessons or swimming pools we use.
  2. Any claim against us arising from attendance at one of our lessons must be notified in writing to us three months from day of the relevant swimming lesson and we shall not be liable for any claim that is notified to us after this time.
  3. In any event, we shall not be liable to you:
  4. For any purely economic loss, for consequential or indirect losses or for any loss of profit opportunity.
  5. (where the claim is insured) for any loss which we are unable to recover from any insurer.
  6. (where the claim arises as a result of something which was done or not done by a third party) for any loss which we are unable to recover from that third party; and
  7. For any loss which is greater than the fee paid by you for relevant course of lessons.
  8. In the event that you or your child causes harm, damage, loss or injury to any other person or property during the course, you agree indemnify us and reimburse us for all claims, losses, damages, expenses (including legal fees), and any other liability suffered by us as a result of such harm, damage, loss or injury caused by you or other pupils.
  9. We shall not be liable for loss or theft of your another pupil’s personal possessions and all property left on the property (including without limitation in changing rooms and in the car park) is done so at own risk.

Governing Law

These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and you agree that any disputes shall be resolved and interpreted exclusively by the courts of England and Wales.

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