Smestow Enrolment Newsletter

Enrolment from Monday 12th March – Sunday 18th March 2018(Week9)

Enrolment is due from 20th March, Monday and Friday 5-7pm, Saturday 8.30am-11.30am and Sunday 9-12pm.  We ask that all registrations/ payments are made at the reception desk on days above.

The cost is £60.00 x1 child, £120.00 x2 children and £170.00 x3 children. If paying by Cheque please add £1.00 to the fee. Please ensure payments online go to bank account 73582868 Barclays. Private lessons are paid in 4 week blocks as per Amanda.

Payments not received in cash or online by deadline date Sunday 18th March 2018 at 12.30pm will be subjected to a £15.00 a late payment fee.

Please advise reception if you do not wish to enrol on the new course starting in April we can then allocate spaces to our waiting list.

Week 1 of the new course will be Monday 30th April 2018. This date however might be subject to change if we have to re-schedule catch up lessons due to unplanned closures of the pool.

EASTER CLOSURES                                       

Monday 26th March and 2nd, 9th April – Return on 16th April

Friday 30th March and 6th 13th April – Return on 20th April

Saturday 31st March and 7th, 14th April – Return on 21st April

Sunday 1st, 8th, 15th April – Return on 22nd April

All the dates above might be subject to change. We hope to run with the above holiday closures.

Changing Rooms

Please can all items of clothing be kept off the benches during your child’s lesson. This leaves space for arriving swimmers.


The taking of photographs with Tablets and Phones with cameras is strictly prohibited within the school buildings. Please also monitor what your children are doing on the school premises.

Badges and Equipment.

Please be aware that all badges and equipment should be paid for on the day of purchase in cash at reception. If you do not have the money please purchase on another day when you have the funds to pay.

News and information.

Salamanda’s main communication method for pool closures, holiday dates and enrolment dates is via Facebook, Website and Twitter please view regularly to keep informed.

Spring arriving.

With spring fast approaching and the light nights arriving can parents/carers please monitor where children are during the evening lessons. The car park and road to the pool is very busy due to other evening bookings.

Can we remind all parent/Carers to sign in at reception so that we have an accurate record of who is on site. Thank you for your continued support. Follow us on FACEBOOK latest updates. 

Sally and Amanda  Mobile: – 07879 997840


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