Introducing our Salamanda Poolside Co-ordinators


From left to right Amy, Elaine & Katie

As part of our commitment to teaching …. at Salamanda we have Level 2 Swimming Teachers that co-ordinate our lessons on poolside at every lesson that we offer at both sites (they can be identified by their Blue polo shirts).

The team of Co-ordinators have a wealth of experience between them and have been teaching swimming in various establishments from primary schools to private gyms to swimming clubs, all three have been with the business for a number of years and their work ethic is exactly the same as mine and Sallys.

The role of the co-ordinator is to oversee the lessons by ensuring that the lessons start and finish on time, that the lessons are run in a safe environment for the children and most importantly that the children are encouraged and developed to the best of their individual ability.

They also offer support to the teachers and assistants on different practices etc

From a parental perspective the co-ordinators are on hand to answer  questions and to feed back into Sally and I any questions or queries that parents may have, so that we in turn feed back via them.

The co-ordinators are an integral part of our business as they are on hand to ensure our high standards of teaching are maintained at all times.

Sally & Amanda

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