Important message for Crestwood parents

We have been at Crestwood this morning for a meeting regarding refurbishment work of the changing facilities in the swimming pool building.

The school are inimportant the process of modernising the current changing facilities. As with all contracted work there has been some hitches and the work is behind schedule which is out of the schools control.

We ask that while the refurbishment and modernisation is ongoing that the following information is followed:


These changing rooms are completely out of use so girls will need to get changed in the downstairs disabled room which is to the left as you come in through the doors to the building.


These changing rooms are operational and can be used but a smaller area available to change in.

There are no shower facilities in either of the changing areas and the only toilet is the disabled one located in the area that the girls will be changing in.

The Sports hall facilities are available opposite the pool building for anybody wishing to change and shower but please be mindful of the short walk outside to get between the two buildings allow extra time.

SPACE WILL BE VERY TIGHT!!!!!!! So we are asking that swimmers arrive in their costumes, then once undressed their clothes be put in a bag kept with the parent/carer while the swim lesson is in progress. This will elevate any problems with clothing/shoes going missing as there is limited benches in both changing areas.

It’s going to be a challenging period up to half term. We have opted to carry on with the lessons during this period of modernisation and ask that you work with us to make change overs run as smooth as possible. Once the work is complete we are going to have lovely modern facilities to change in.

Please share and communicate this with other Salamanda parents so that hopefully we can all work together to work with what facilities we have.

Thank you Amanda & Sally

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