Important Information for those people starting on Saturday 11th June at Colton Hills

A big welcome to the Salamanda family all those new children that are starting with us or transferring across to COLTON HILLS from this Saturday.


As the first swimming lesson can be an anxious time for your little one, we would suggest lots of positive messages when discussing swimming with your child, explain to them that they will be in a small class with other children with whom they will make friends, that there will be teachers and assistants in the water and that they will play with lots of brightly coloured toys and floats and if they do really good swimming they may get a badge which they can take into school for assemblies / show and tell

Advise them that they may initially start in armbands which will help to keep them a float and then they may be given a ‘magic belt’ which allows them to move through the water really quickly and safely

Explain to them that the teachers and assistants are there to help them and that they are going to have a FABULOUS TIME, THEY WILL HAVE FUN and they will learn to swim so that they are safe on family holidays, if your child is anxious just play it down, and again focus on the positives, if your nervous for your child, they will pick up on this

Here are some simple points to help the lesson go ‘ Swimmingly’….

1. Don’t arrive to early so that you are hanging around, 10 minutes is plenty of time, too much hanging around just makes your little one more anxious

2. Make sure your child goes to the toilet before they come through to the pool

3. Have a light breakfast, they may swallow some water which is all part of learning to swim so keep any food and drink intake light

4. On coming through to the pool your child will be offered armbands or a swimming belt depending on ability and they will be shown to their class… stay positive and if there is tears let us take over, this is our job and we are used to tears … if your child does get upset, its hard but let us handle the situation… the first couple of lessons are really important to establish some procedures with your little one

5. Over tea or in a relaxed environment chat to your little one about basic pool side rules which are really simple, don’t run on poolside, hold onto the rail / side of the pool when you’re at the side… listen to the teacher and do what the teachers tells you when they ask you to do it …

Finally instructions once you arrive at the school …………….

Follow the drive down and along the front of the school building. The car park and the pool entrance is located around to the right…

Once inside the school pool reception area there will be a member of our Salamanda Reception Team who will check your child in , issue you with a booking form and a copy of our general newsletter which outlines all you need to know about our Swimming School. the majority of you have paid an initial deposit so there will be just the balance to pay … take your child through to the applicable changing rooms and wait for your lesson to be called through to poolside

We all look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Salamanda Swimming Family


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