Due to an issue with the air handling unit at the pool we are unable to run Week 9 of the swimming Program. The engineer is scheduled to attend the pool on Monday 25th October to rectify the problem.  We intend to run lessons as normal from Thursday 28thFriday 29th and Sunday 31st October 2021 which will now be Week 9 and final lesson of current course.. 

New course Week 1  will now commence on Thursday 4th , Friday 5th and Sunday 7th November 2021.

If you are a new starter to Salamanda please note your new start date will either be 4th,5th or 7th November 2021 and not as emailed to you the  28th,29th or 31st October 2021 as we cannot accommodate you on the October dates due to delayed completion of the current course.

We recommend that all parents check our Facebook, Instagram & website for further updates in case there are any more changes to this information after the engineers has attended the site on Monday 25th October.

We apologise for the inconvenience, unfortunately any issues with the school pool are beyond our control and our hands are tied

Salamanda Swimming Academy

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