Colton Hills Return Sept 22

Dear Parents 

Just as we were gearing up to return to lessons at Colton Hills next week, we have had some disappointing news!! 

We have been advised this morning that the internal refurbishment of the pool hall area at Colton Hills which commenced at the start of the six weeks holidays has unfortunately run over and we will not be able to return to lessons on our original scheduled date of week commencing Monday 12th September, this is a devastating blow for Salamanda, because we appreciate how much the children and staff will want to get back into lessons after the break!  

The school themselves need the pool up and running as soon as possible not only because it impacts their own PE lessons for their pupils and local primary schools, but all the time it is closed, they are losing money financially from external lettings 

Considering the above we are hopeful of a return to swim date of week commencing Monday 10th October which when you count the weeks on the calendar is only a four-week delay from our original return date of the 12th of September. If we can draw any positives from this disappointing news, it will give the children time to settle back into their day-to-day routines of being back at school, especially for those much younger swimmers starting their school journey for the first time as well as starting swimming lessons  

During the summer there has been lots of press articles regarding several drowning incidents where young people have sadly lost their lives due to the shortage of places for swimming lessons and the impact on the population of the number of swimming pools that are being forced to closed due to high maintenance and operational costs.  

The UK now has a national shortage of swimming pools to deliver swimming lessons so whilst this situation is not ideal, we are extremely grateful to be working with a school partner that appreciates the benefits of maintaining a school pool and spending money on its refurbishment to keep it up to date, safe and clean for both the use of the school and local community allowing us to deliver an important life skill. 

We are confident that parents will understand that this delay is completely out of our control, and we are guided by the school as to their timescales. We will be having regular weekly updates and it could be we return either side of the 10th October (All fees will be held till we return and as soon as we return that will be week 1 of the new course) please also be advised that it was always our intention to operate during October half term so when we do return it will be a straight run through till we break at Christmas  

We actively encourage all parents to join our social media groups on Facebook, Instagram & Website so that you get the most up to date information as we put it out there …..  

Kind regards  

Amanda & Sally  

07879 997840  

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